Hardware as a Service

We are pleased to announce an exciting new service from Virtual IT called Hardware as a Service (HaaS). This new approach provides the acquisition of hardware and software for a low, fixed monthly price you can now bundle into your current support agreement. Large, up-front capital expenditures are eliminated while giving you the opportunity to continuously keep your hardware and software current.

Hardware as a Service from Virtual IT provides our customers with:

  • Fixed monthly hardware costs, with no capital investments/outlay needed
  • Enhanced productivity through current/better technology
  • Access to Tier 1 hardware, with any application and current operating systems
  • Ongoing hardware management and upgrades
  • Scalability as your business grows or needs change
  • Certified disposal of old equipment
  • New equipment rotated-in every 36 months

At Virtual IT, we believe it’s absolutely crucial to have the latest computer hardware to work with.  Compared to bigger competitors who benefit from economies of scale, smaller businesses are at a serious disadvantage when trying to keep their hardware and infrastructure, up-to-date. But at Virtual IT, our HaaS solution, allows you to take advantage of the right business computer hardware, without ever having to purchase it outright.  As a result, you can expect productivity to rise as your employees benefit from having access to the latest technology.

Let Virtual IT bundle your computer acquisition costs into your monthly support fee and leverage the use of your money in other areas of your business.

Call the Virtual IT procurement specialists today, to learn how HaaS can benefit your business. 

Request a call with a Virtual IT procurement specialist today, to learn how HaaS can benefit your business.