Be Ready for Anything with Disaster Recovery

For today’s data-driven business, IT downtime or lost data can quickly add up to a costly mountain of lost productivity, lost business and lost reputation. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to have a disaster recovery plan in place, supported by an effective DR solution. Virtual IT gives you a reliable, agile disaster recovery solution you need to minimize your risk and get back in business faster.

File and folder recovery

Restore documents, spreadsheets, and other individual items easily from a point-in-time backup image.

Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery

Find and recover missing emails and other Exchange message items, even whole mailboxes.

System Recovery

Quickly restore a failed physical or virtual system to the same or new hardware or virtual environment.

Pre-Staged Recovery

Start a restore operation on a critical server before disaster hits, and reduce downtime to the length of time it takes to reboot the server.

Temporary System Failover

Create a temporary virtual machine (VM) of a failed server or workstation to tide over your team until the failed system can be restored.

Virtual Failover

Instantly virtualize a failed server or an entire network in our cloud, and maintain uptime during a site-wide disaster.